Work for Hire

Hello! Do you need a writer? I can give you words for money! Here are the five most recent places in which I've published:

Racked: Shopping for Boys' Clothes Is So Boring Why does it have to be that way?

Runner's World: Best Treatments for Common Summer Skin WoesHere's how to heal when you're already sunburned, chafed, stung, or otherwise inflamed.

Chicago Magazine: Best of Chicago (I did best indoor play space, best facial and best non-cheesy tour.) 

University of Chicago's Dialogo: 

The rest of my clips are here.

In general, I write a lot about parenting, exercise and health, small business, women stuff and university development. But that's only a fraction of what I do--in addition to writing I perform editorial services I read live, I've done radio, and I've done TV. There are very few topics I'm unwilling to try, but publications that seem to value voice or humor and I frequently work well together. 

If you need a writer, I may be your person. Have questions about availability, rates, or clips? Drop me a line: I'd love to talk.


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