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Hello! Do you need a writer? I can give you words for money in a variety of formats! Here are the five-ish most recent places where you can find me/my work:

Northwestern Law Reporter: Legal Eagles: From fighter plane cockpits to the courtroom -- a look at the lives of veterans who pursue a new career path in law (p. 23)

US Catholic: The surprising alliance between nuns and religious 'Nones'

US Catholic: Should you force your kids to go to Mass?

Marijuana Business Magazine: Namaste Technologies relies on early mover advantage to expand global reach

Chicago Health: Healing the Hurt Chicago programs help young victims of trauma find their way forward

If you're looking by category, my specialties tend to include health, parenting, business, Chicago, techacademia, profiles/Q&As, real estate and humor but my favorite part of my work is learning completely new things. All of my clips are here.

If you need a writer, I may be your person. Have questions about availability, rates, or clips? Drop me a line: I'd love to talk.


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