Work for Hire

Hello! Do you need a writer? I can give you words for money in a variety of formats! Have questions about availability, rates, or clips? Drop me a line.

Here are the five-ish most recent places where you can find me/my work:

Inbox Collective: It's OK If You Grow Your Audience Slowly

Yale News: 'We choose who we are': Helen Tejada chose to champion health access

Northwestern Kellogg - Nike's Angela Dong is hitting her stride

Subaru Drive - Pet Trends Worth Trying - or Ignoring

Fast Company - The lost flextime of COVID-19: what working parents lost when the world reopened

I also publish a Substack parenting newsletter called Evil Witches.

My specialties tend to include health, family, business, educationChicago, techacademia, profiles/Q&As, culture, social justice, and essays/humor. I also do corporate/branded stuff, web copy, editorial consulting, ghostwriting and other related things for clients like Red Bull, Subaru, Slack, Kivvit, GTB, and the New York Times.  My favorite part of my work is learning new things and talking to passionate, talented people. All of my clips are here.


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