What a joke this site is

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I wrote about "American Idol" last night and in a fit of sloppiness/tiredness I somehow called the song "You Can't Always Get What You Want" "You Can't Always Get What You Liked," which doesn't make any sense since that lyric isn't even in the song. That's sort of like something my dad would do but what makes that error funnier is that my dad quoted that song in a law school class he was teaching once and I could tell he felt pretty cool about it.

Quite a few people caught this dumb error which I fixed but my favorite response came from a person who almost always drops by the page of anything I write in order to call me some variation on "retard" or "fucking retard." This time he/she said "What a joke this site is that people like you are actually allowed to write for it and reflect the opinion of the site."

I do this thing, personally, where if I can't stand a person's writing, I typically stop reading it. Well, either that, or hit "refresh" on the page repeatedly until her review comes up so I can log in, drop my turd of a comment in and then go roll around in my bed and cry and masturbate.