Some failures

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I subscribe to the Founding Moms and its owner, Jill Salzman, has been going over failures she's encountered of late which made me take a second and think about some things I've totally flopped at recently.

I have four good ones:

  1. Publishing another fiction book under my own byline. I have tried repeatedly since "An Off Year" was published to get another book published. And I have--only they were or are in conjunction with other writers. I have decided actually that I'm not a fiction writer anyway. I write nonfiction, I prefer to read nonfiction. Maybe it's not bad to let it go.

  2. Run a 10K this winter. My method for trying to stay in shape this winter was to train for races of increasing distance but without actually signing up for a race. The benefits of training without the pressure or $ of actual races. I successful put a 5K and 8K behind me and was within a week of getting a 10K under my belt when I was sidelined by an injury. I don't think I will be running 6 miles anytime soon. Oh well, it's not like it was a waste of time. I'm hoping this is tendonitis or something I can rehab my way out of rather than some stress fracture waiting to blow and upend everything.

  3. Getting beneath a certain weight, ever. I won't mention the weight because that can get weird sometimes, no? Anyway I had a wild hair last summer to try to get beneath a certain weight before I turn 40. I realized in short order that it would take a ton of work, would make me miserable, would absolutely be short-lived and what exactly would this accomplish? So that's done.  

  4. Be positive with my children this morning. James was making a ton of noise early in the morning which he knows he's not supposed to do so I was very cranky about that this morning and it colored just about every interaction I had with the kids this morning. I would like to be more positive for selfish reasons--it sucks less energy out of me than does being negative and also when I'm positive the kids behave better. I need to give myself a pep talk next time I get woken up early on how not to let it tank the whole morning.  

Other than that, I'm crushing it, obvs.