The 90s are looking pretty good right now

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8499763003_52b95e0b79_b.jpgMy friend Lila, who is maybe my most '90's friend, forwarded me this Racked essay about how Gen X women are suspicious and uncomfortable with the rise of '90's clothing. The piece is titled "Why Gen X Isn't Psyched for the '90s Revival." "But we are!!" Lila (whose high school Urge Overkill t-shirt I still covet)  added as an editorial note.  

Of course there are certain '90's styles from the first time around I'm taking a hard pass on. Baby doll shirts, spaghetti straps, snap-crotch bodysuits. But do I happily own more plaid shirts than I did a few years ago? Are my new Doc Marten chelsea boots my favorite thing ever? You know the answer to this. There were a lot of comfortable, androgynous styles in favor in the '90's and that is very compatible with my life right now. I may have even purchased music from Stone Temple Pilots and the Lemonheads recently.

I think I'm just taking a mental vacation to an soothing cultural era, when times were simpler. An unepxected part of this return to '90's sensibility is the eyes with which I re-watch "Sex and the City." Yes, I'm re-watching it while I exercise lately, even though I just watched the whole thing in 2014. It's comforting, what can I say, and good to put on while I exercise because I know I won't miss anything new if I'm staring at the floor doing push-ups.

What's weird is that everything looked so dated 4 years ago, but now the clothes, all of a sudden, look pretty current -- even the shoes, which is not necessarily a compliment. Even Miranda whose style I used to find pretty tragic in the early seasons, looks less like the costumers are trying to punish her for being an ambitious outspoken woman.

Speaking of which, perhaps this  SATC  revival was just my brain predicting the political rise of Cynthia Nixon. I don't know anything about her platform but something in me thinks she's very qualified, and not just because I so admire her for knowing the journey she went on to get to her beautiful final season look   after all those years of business blouses buttoned at the throat and overalls (which, by the way, are back.)