The 3 things that had to happen before Steve and I agreed that he would take care of accommodations from now on

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Sad_Face_Emoji_large (1).pngFall 2011: We fly to Naples the evening of October 29th. I book our hotel in Naples for Oct 29-31. I fail to realize that it will be October 30th by the time we arrive in Italy. We pay for an extra night in the hotel while we are not there.  

June 2017: We decide to travel to Cleveland to visit my friend Liz. I book a hotel and then she suggests I book another hotel. Even though I think I check that I canceled the first hotel, I still somehow don't. We pay a large cancelation fee for the first hotel.  

March 2018: I walk into the AirBnB I'd let myself into the day before and find a group of young men in there. I am terrified and furious about how AirBnB could have double booked us. (Note: The guys were very sweet to me even though I barged in on them and acted a little intense I'm sure. Hi, Bryan.) I start to make a stink on social media, friends start to rally for me, and then AirBnB points out I made the reservation for March 2019. I pay some fee but it doesn't even matter at this point because the embarrassment is worse than the money.