This is the year I started to freak out about cancer

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  • Should I cut down on the amount of cocktails I have per week? Or is life short and I should have fun? Pick one!!

  • I now apply SPF 30 all over my exposed skin above the waist every day. I also feel bad for the numerous times I send the boys out without sunscreen. (Steve is on his own. I nag him about enough things.)  

  • I am worried I have eaten too much soy and now I mistrust my daily vitamin a little bit.  

  • I really like it when my grilled chicken has a good char on it. Do I need to give this up? I don't want to.

  • I should make an appointment with a gyno despite the fact that my insurance changes every second and I don't know who she is these days.  
  • How are my parents doing?? How are YOUR parents doing????