Things Steve Delahoyde showed at the last Funny Ha-Ha that people actually paid money to see

peppaeyes.jpgMy husband Steve Delahoyde is a professional filmmaker. These are some of the things he showed at our last Funny Ha-Ha to an actual human audience that paid US currency to see it.

The first is his experiment at what it would look like if he took a clip of "Peppa Pig," one of our sons' favorite TV shows, and slowed down the audio and made the eyeballs roll around. Here is what "Peppa Pig" normally looks like:

And here is what he did:

Next, he wanted to see what it would be like if he extended the "roar" in the local Bob Rohrman commercial to an absurd length. Here is the original commercial:

And here is what he did:

Finally, Steve wanted to see how it would look if he put his own face in a commercial. Here's the original:

And here is his version:

I hope the audience members felt good about their transaction.