Come to Funny Ha-Ha: Warm + Fuzzy!

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FunnyHaHaWarmFuzzy-Large.jpgWe have a show going up tonight at the Hideout and I hope you come. Two things that are interesting about this particular show is that Pat Reidy is not going to be peforming but he's going to be replaced by his very own sister-in-law, acclaimed actor Tiffany Bedwell, which is a first for our show.

Also I'm especially excited for Jennon Bell Hoffmann to make her debut on the show. Jennon is/was a faithful audience member of the show and slowly started making inroads in the Chicago live lit scene. So I asked her, while she was pregnant with her first child, if she thought she might like to do the show after she had her baby and she said yes. Even with the child outside of her body, she was still down to clown. So I hope she has a wonderful experience and sets a tone for future audience members who make their way onstage.

the-worst-3-2-17.jpgLast night I promoted the show on WGN-Radio's The Download--listen to it here!