What my 4.5 year old circled when I handed him a marker and the Oriental Trading catalog

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singlerocket copy.jpgA single rocket within the Super Toy Assortment

Deluxe treasure chest toy assortment

redstressball copy.jpgMesh-covered color-changing mini stress balls (but only the red one)

Power putty

Spaceship whistles

Nose whistles ("Make some noise with your nose!")

Printed pattern kazoos

Expanding horns

toyhorns.jpgMagnifying glasses (but only the red one)

Transparent whistles (but only the pink one)

Space shuttle gliders

Glider assortment

Ice cream cone shooters (but only the one with the pink top)

Ballsgun copy.jpgStriped Chinese yo-yos

Mini squirt gun (but just the red one)

Colorful pit balls (but just a red one)

Ninja stress toys (just the red one)

Ice cream cone stress toys

Unicorn rubber duckies (all of them)


Swordfish swords

Sea creature puffy finger puppets (each of them)

Mini ninja warriors (just the red one)

Cup & ball game (just the red one)

checkersIMG_5987 copy.jpg

Outdoor checkers game (red checker only)

Superhero happy hoppers (red one only)

Inflatable giant whale

Inflatable swords

Inflatable giant doughnut

Plush mini sea life assortment

Summer treats erasers

A shark cooring book (part of a set about other animals)

Pencils with eraser topper assortment

Mini shuttle pens on a rope

candyIMG_5631 copy.jpgTootsie roll miniature pops

Welch's fruit snacks

Ring pop party pack

Emoticon candy bracelets

totebaganchor.JPGLarge white anchor tote bags

captainhatIMG_3394 copy.jpegA captain's cap

Paw print bracelets

Dinosaur tails (just the red one)

trophiesIMG_7429 copy.jpgOut of this world trophies

Emoji bracelets

Pirate hook

Swords with eyepatch

Superhero photo booth props

superduckIMG_7134 copy.jpegSuperhero rubber duckies (but just the blue one)