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nothankswomens.jpgAbout a year ago I noticed a trend in magazine websites wherein you were forced to make a potentially untrue declarative statement in order to get out of the pop-up, IE for Women's Health you had to click on a sentence reading "No thanks, I already have a bikini body" if you didn't want to sign up for the magazine's swimsuit workout calendar or whatever they were trying to sell you. I then started keeping track of the various ways I've been forced to say no thanks.

No thanks, I'm not looking to lose weight (Men's Health)

No thanks, I know the top ten cake recipes (Taste of Home)

No thanks, my current neighborhood loop is fine (Bicycling)

No thanks, marathons are easy (Runner's World)

No thanks, I don't need sex tips (Men's Health)

No thanks, I have infinite energy (Bicycling)

No thanks, I'm good (Prevention)

No thanks, I like eating unhealthy food (Reader's Digest)

No thanks, I prefer flavorless frosting (I forgot to write down the source of this and have spent way more time trying to find it than is healthy but I promise you it was real.)