Is sharknadoeing a thing?

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9531926785_8f600538c9_z.jpgLast weekend my husband Steve was in a bar in New Orleans with some buddies for a bachelor party. The bar was popular with prenuptial parties, apparently, because there was a bachelorette party going on nearby. Steve and his friends weren't as raucous as the group of ladies, so the guys moved further away from the women in order to hear themselves talk. Nothing was out of the ordinary until a woman from the bachelorette party walked up to Davin, the groom, with a big plastic toy shark in her hand. Without a word, she circled it around his head three times and then went away.

"You just got sharknadoed!" said another woman at the bar.

"What?" said Davin.

"You know, like that movie, Sharknado, where there's a bunch of sharks all swirling around!" the lady said.

And that was that. So my question is, has anyone heard of this before? Is "sharknadoeing" a thing that happens, sort of like getting iced, or was this just a delightful weird thing that happened once that somebody apparently quickly found a name for? Inquiring minds want to know.