There's a band in town: Lemonade Band!

Today's post is brought to you by my husband, Steve Delahoyde, who sometimes gets funny ideas into his head.

Last summer, posters popped up in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago advertising that there was "a band in town" called the "Lemonade Band." Made up of "a group of four girls," it was an aptly-named band, in that their poster also explained that they'd be selling lemonade ("and other yummy treats") at their concerts. They also launched a website, where they'd be sharing their tour dates:

Unfortunately, the Lemonade Band seems to have only lasted a brief period, as the posts on their site begin on June 16th and abruptly come to an end less than a month later, on July 20th. The posters hanging on the lampposts and fences got pulled down, rained on, and the band seemed destined to drift away, lost among the sands of time. Fortunately, we were able to grab one before it completely succumbed to the harsh effects of the weather.

Original Lemonade Band Flier

We felt like the whole Lemonade Band idea had an unfairly short life and we wanted to do something about it. We called our friend, the musician Wakiza Gamez, who put the poster's words to music, verbatim, and we called in a host of friends to help create a music video, capturing the essence of what we felt the Lemonade Band was all about: performing and selling lemonade (and other yummy treats).
Our hope is that one of the members of the original Lemonade Band will find this and will enjoy our tribute to what they created. If you are an original member and do want to reach out, please contact us at at this email.

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