List: Questions that get all women horny

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This list was inspired by a spam email I keep getting titled "Three questions that make every women horny," so in case you're my dad or someone like him, I don't even know what the word "horny" means, OK?

I put all the dishes away, is that OK?

You mean to tell me that you are actually 13 years older than you appear? Is it possible that I could even be more attracted to you than I was initially?

Do you mind if I just take care of the laundry? There is a certain way that I like to do it.

Will it bother you if I scratch your head for a while?  

Don't you think you need a new pair of boots to really pull that outfit together?

That dinner was so delicious, will you please make it for me again? Scratch that. Will you share the recipe with me and I'll just make it myself in the near future, with possible riffs and improvements?

How can it be that you've said something so insightful when you just said something even more witty before that and are likely to blow my mind again momentarily?

Do all female celebrities know how inferior they are to you?

Did you recently lose weight and/or gain muscle?