Free profitable parent website idea: Mr. Action

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152500565_390e55a83d_o.jpgThis was inspired by us putting on the original Superman for our five year old. You know, the one with the long beginning about Superman's roots, including a performance by Marlon Brando. 

This site or app, which is inspired by Mr. Skin (which pinpoints at what parts of movies you can see a naked person), only this one is for kids! Let's call it Mr. Action. It is a subscription service that tells you at which time marks you can show your kid your favorite old movies that will not bore them or confuse them or possibly terrify and scar them. We could have used Mr. Action when we realized that Superman, in all his glory, does not really reveal himself until at least a half hour into Superman, which is way too long for a little kid to sit and watch. Similarly it will give warnings on what parts of the movies seem to most frequently freak out kids so if you don't want to deal with your kid having nightmares, you'll know which parts of E.T. to fast-forward through (E.T. is pretty intense!) 

People would pay for this service, especially when apparently everything on Youtube is horrifying. Think about it.