My 2018 work resolutions

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Last year my work   goal just to beat what I made the year before financially and I...failed. It sucked to make less money and also to feel like there was so little I could do about it.

This year I want to establish work goals that I actually have control over so I tried to think of ways I could make each of things happen:

  • To take action about selling a certain idea of mine.
    • Take notes on it instead of just talking about it.  
    • Look into agents who represent this type of work.
    • Get advice from people who have done something similar.

  • To be featured in my dream pub this year.
    • Pitch it once a month.  

  • To work harder at marketing myself and thus getting back above $50K this year
    • Set a three hour minimum for marketing myself in January. As of January 5th I spent over 5 hours doing so so I'll adjust that goal to 3 hours per week.

  • Not to work anymore for my two lowest paying clients of 2017.

  • To try to get more work this year writing longer feature profiles and to branch into more corporate work.
    • Actually spend time reading the resources I've compiled on expanding my business/client list and taking a look at what my niches are and reach out where I might be needed (instead of just intending to do this "sometime.")  

  • To make time to contemplate what my next profile-rising or intensive project will be.
    • I'm going to look at my goals once a week and hope that seeing this reminder will remind me to indulge in some wormholes, to use my spare time to explore and research and not just be home. Also I'll count this research time as "marketing time" so it won't feel like it's extra time I have to steal. It counts as work.

  • To
    • Turn off screens--including laptop and phone--at 9. (On weekdays, anyway.)  

  • Work outside my house more
    • When it is above single digits, okay?