Valentines Day 2017: Get honked

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In 2005 we were invited to a book party in LaGrange, IL. Steve and I ate at a cute Italian restaurant that was located next to a pub called Checquers. For some reason Steve decided that the tagline at Chequers was called "Get honked at Chequers." This came to be an in joke for us for some time, to the point where Steve asked me what I imagined when I heard the phrase "get honked" and I drew the following picture/logo for Chequers:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.07.34 AM.png

I'm actually rather proud of that drawing.

Anyway, Steve made a commercial for Chequers for me for Valentine's Day (with original song by Waki Gamez.)

Weird post-script: on Friday (while Steve was, unbeknownst to me, working on this video) I had dinner with a friend from LaGrange and I mentioned Steve's and my Chequers obsession and she informed me that it had recently closed. Anyway, I know "Making a commercial for a closed restaurant that you have never gone to" is a pretty traditional Valentines Day gift but that's how Steve rolls.

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