Acknowledgements for a book I haven't even landed an agent for

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You know what is total bullshit? That you have to wait for a book to be published to publicly thank the people who helped you with it. Well I am not waiting anymore. I will not be denied that just because the publishing industry is a total scam (or, possibly, that my book is not that great.) 


First to my Glorious Ladies of Writing: Kate Harding, Molly Backes, Kelly McNees and Wendy McClure, who gave me the idea for this book over middle eastern food at my house. Especially to Kelly who read the book and gave me some wonderful, kind feedback over some delicious sliders. (Not all my thank yous are about food.)

To everyone who read the parts of this book before it grew into this book. Steve, Lila, Erica. Erica and I talked about this book while at at diner in Edgewater so maybe this really is all about food.

To Kelly James for reading it and giving me feedback even though we had only hung out one time. This was an act of generosity I feel a little embarrassed by but I'll still take it. We just had coffee together, no food.

To Julie Mosow, who helped me work on the revised query letter I have yet to send. Even if I don't sell this book I appreciated your clear-eyed, kind-but-not-sugarcoating feedback. I enjoyed speaking with you and think we would enjoy having a glass of wine together.

And to Paul, for giving me so much to write about.