Two very disparate things

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We had some good old friends and their children with us in town this weekend which distracted me from the terrible news about Orlando. I was glad to spend the time focusing on love and life and also for once to avoid getting sucked into the news-and-reaction vortex. It's about nonstop 'breaking news' (when very little is actually breaking or news) and the way that we anymore don't look for the truth but instead seek out reactions that we disagree with so that we can slap back at the void because it makes us feel like we're doing something. I have nothing new to add. Terror is horrible. Fear and hatred are awful. Easy-to-acquire tools of violence are not so great either. I hope something changes for the good sometime.

Um, anyway, on the topic of abrupt and awkward transitions, how about this? If you are also in the market for real life distractions, I recommend this Friday, if you live in Chicago, you consider coming to Funny Ha-Ha, the humor live lit event I produce. It will make you laugh, which can all use these days.