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Want to read about which famous people I've met? Hint: One of them is getting inducted into the basketball hall of fame shortly. And, I wrote a book.

Also, last night I covered Project Runway for the LA Times. A show I am no longer covering is "America's Next Top Model" and for the first time in many cycles I actually have something to say about it. First, I loved how in an interview with one girl, Tyra said "You have a baby!" and the girl said yes and suddenly Tyra said "I'm going to change gears now. You were raped?" Tyra does not give a crap about your baby. She just wants to hear about how you were raped, or perhaps to a lesser extent was homeless, or maybe have a chronic condition. But raped is the best.

Also, this is the cycle where the girls are five foot seven or shorter. I liked the one girl who said that they are finally showing "society" a new definition of beauty. OK there Einstein, check yourself--it's not society that said models have to be tall and skinny--it's the fashion designers. Don't act like you've been suffering all this time just because you happen to be beautiful and short, because even if you weren't technically a runway model, you were an everyday model which is even worse.

And finally, I enjoyed how Tyra had the girls' house made up like a playhouse for adult babies or something, with big dolls and funhouse mirrors and rubber duckies, and how the girls' first modeling challenge was to re-create their own baby pictures. Ick. I think Tyra has confused not being tall with some sort of perverted weird carnival ride. Trust me, it is not (unless I've been going about it all wrong).

I'm hoping from here on out the cycle returns to its mundane, predictable self or else it will be a human tragedy that I'm not getting paid to make all these witty observations.