List: Favorite Excerpts from the Worst Review Ever blog

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I've bookmarked this blog so I know where to find some commiseration in case I get any bad reviews on my book which I know will never happen since it is without a single flaw.

A candy-coated turd.

Want to turn children off to reading permanently? Hand them a copy of The Underneath. Chronic aliteracy [sic] will be nanoseconds away.(less)

This author should be drawn and quartered for writing this trash.

What are you writing for? And if you give that pathetic response of, it's just entertainment, then you have no business being an author or calling yourself a writer. I suggest you visit my Manifesto on my home page and rethink the strata of your career.

It's a holocaust of prose. That's all.

Worst Review Ever blog">
Worst Review Ever blog">