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First of all, please read the story of Significant Objects and bid on my Significant Object. So far my treasured Pez dispenser is only getting .50. What kind of crap is that?

When I was going to the airport last weekend I saw all these signs for a show called Cavalia, which was billed as "Cirque du Soleil with horses." The ads also featured a logo that looks something like that from a restaurant (albeit one that either caters to, serves or is run by horses) and an image of a horse that was clearly made up to look slightly like a beautiful woman. Come on, look at that mane, those eyes. I was a little girl once and I recognize that sort of image (kind of like "the Last Unicorn", you know, a unicorn with Mia Farrow living inside it).

Moreover I was curious about what Cirque du Soleil with horses would be like. I've seen Cirque du Soleil and was duly impressed by the acrobatics but hated the clowns and the European/Asian mysticism going on and also things like dancing with a piece of fabric can get old after a while. But with horses...maybe a French clown horse would be way funnier, especially if he took a poop on the stage. What if a bunch of horses all stood on each others' backs on top of a giant ball? I would totally pay to see a beautiful lady horse dancing from the ceiling on a long piece of silk.

I just read the review of the show though and am sad to say that apparently the horses don't do much more than run around beautifully. There are a few tricks in the show but they involve boring old humans. AND, tickets cost an arm and a leg. Well, I'm sorry. If I'm going to shell out big bucks for a horse circus, I want a circus run BY horses and only WITH horses (and maybe FOR hoses too, and people as well). I say nay to that.

(Did you catch that joke there at the end? Let me know if you didn't).