Neti Pot

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I went to the doctor yesterday and she wrote me a prescription for antibiotics (thank freaking dog) and recommended as well that I get a neti pot. I looked at her as skeptically as I could to indicate that I did not plan on using a neti pot. All I knew about neti pots were from "The Office," IE:

Plus, they sound like something you get at some weirdo health store. But she swore to me that they work and that you can buy them at Walgreens so I picked one up along with my "real" medicine as well.

After discussing the neti pot on Facebook I learned that everybody and their mom seems to have used one, so I am not alone. So I went home, mixed up the water and the saline and proceeded to flush water into one nostril so it could flow out the other. It's not a super pleasant sensation. Actually it reminds me of how I feel each and every time I swim in the ocean. Other people have likened it to waterboarding.

But, it does seem to work. After flushing I feel like I can breathe better and my nose isn't as chapped as it is when I use 18,000 kleenexes (which is why I am dabbing Aquaphor under my nose right now).

However it is one of the least sexiest things I've ever done in my life. I guess if given the choice of pooping or neti-potting in front of my husband, I'd take the pot but only because it's kind of funny.