Over the Moon

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While the world waits to see Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's new twin babies, Life & Style Weekly spoke with one of the only non-relatives who has gotten a gander at the little ones. "Jennifer was amazing," Dr. Anita Sadaty, J. Lo's ob-gyn, tells Life & Style. "She has this motherhood glow about her, very serene. Her boy and girl are healthy -- and for that she feels so thankful and blessed."

"I really do mean it," Dr. Sadaty continued. "Jennifer was the most amazing at giving birth I've ever seen a woman. I'm closing up my practice because there is no chance I'll ever see a woman do it was well as Jennifer."

"Other women scream and bleed and poop on the table and it's disgusting," she said. "It's horrific and they look pretty awful afterwards. Don't even get me started on the baby when it comes out. Gross."

"But when Jennifer was in labor, she only sang beautiful melodies when her contractions came. Her skin just glowed and glowed and got glowier and glowier with every passing hour. And when the babies came out, they were perfectly clean and already had perfect, white smiles. Also, no blood! The afterbirth, too, was actually just a cluster of beautiful butterflies that flew out of her vagina and swirled around the room. It really was a sight to behold."

"Other women should just get sterilized, because there's no way they'll ever compete," said Dr. Sadaty. "I have already."