A manly name for a girly drink

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Today is the day to hold up the majority of the conversation.

My boyfriend is on a quest to find a 'signature drink', a cocktail he can order during cocktail hour that has a little more zing and personality than beer or wine. The problem with this though is that he doesn't like most types of hard alcohol, unless they're mixed with something sweet like pop or juice. Unfortunately, there aren't too many manly drinks that have fruit juice in them. (For the record I like a dirty martini now and then, in case you see me at a bar and want to order me a drink.)

Last night we were at his company's Christmas party. Somebody recommended he try a Southern Comfort and Coke, which he did not care for, so he stuck once again with cranberry and vodka. A friend of ours noted that maybe it's not the drink that's the problem but the drink's name. A cranberry and vodka might seem more sophisticated and manly if it has a cooler name. I pointed out that there is a name for this drink: a Cape Codder. But that's still not exactly full of zazz. "It sounds like I should be wearing salmon-colored pants when I say that," says Steve. Point taken.

So we started trying to come up with alternative names for the cranberry and vodka. I suggested "Manberry," which everyone seemed to like until somebody said that asking for a "Manberry with a twist" sounded odd. So then our friend Kevin suggested going with names from the War on Terror. Like maybe we could call the drink a "Shock and Awe." Somebody else recommended at "Al Sadder City Sling." Then dessert came and we sort of abandoned the project.

Maybe it's time to open this up to wider discussion. Can you think of a cool, manly name for a cranberry and vodka? Or, can you come up with a drink that Steve might like? Come up with some good recommendations and maybe we'll have a tasting session, completely with photos. Send in your recommendations and we'll see what sticks.