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Today is the day to try something new., for instance.

Did you wake up this morning feeling a certain anticipation, a little excitement, the hunch that today was special?

You were right! Today debuts, the most comprehensive (some might say the only) site dedicated to the writings of Claire Zulkey.

Please browse around and see what's new and what's not. This space will change day to day, although I'm not sure with what, but it will for sure be entertaining, insightful, or simply full of different words.

Do you like how the site looks? Please direct your compliments to the talented and dashing Matt Herlihy, site designer and best-known as editor of Sweet Fancy Moses, but also an all-around great guy. Also, many thanks to the delightful folks at Dezmin (especially the hunky Dave Reidy) and the new great white hope, Todd Zuniga and the other geniuses (genii?) at Opium Magazine.If it weren't for any of these guys, would not be, and what kind of world would that be? Not one worth living in, for sure.

I also don't mean to brag, but my biography page has been graced by the words of none other than Nathan Rabin. Can it get any better than this? Unlikely, but I'll try.

Welcome and enjoy!