Vintage internet

Arriviste Press:

Barrelhouse Magazine: "The Tragedy of Karl Malone"

The Black Table:

CenterStage Chicago: "Things to Do in Chicago When You're Sober"

The Daily Beast:
"Dexter's Killer Season"

Dezmin's Archives:


GhotiMag: "An Invitation"


The Huffington Post:

Kittenpants: "Observations"

Knowumsayin'? (for some reason the links never printed out so you will have to fill in the blanks on some of these old pieces):

Lost Brain: "Chantilly Lace: the Long Lost Lyrics, in their Entirety"

Reviews of New Food: "Cherimoya" (scroll down about halfway for it)


Meomore: "Fun Fun Fun"

Midnight Mind Magazine: "In Praise of the Hangover" (this might be the worst scan of all time)

Mississippi Review: "Blaming J.Lo" (in print only)

The Morning News:

NewCity Chicago:

Opium Magazine:

Parenthetical Note: "On More Highly Evolved Teeth"

Professor Barnhardt's Journal:

Quality Lit: "Lesser-Known Drinking Games"

Reinventing the World:

Sweet Fancy Moses:

This is Grand: "Unrequited Love in the Morning"

Tribune Media Services (things I wrote about college whilst in college):

Two Note Solo: "Beard"

Vista Magazine: "Tying a Tuscan Knot" (Fall 2000)


Yankee Pot Roast: "The Gradual Decline of the "I Love the..." Sidebars

The Hoya: (college newspaper columns scanned awkwardly into PDFs)


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