Trying to be funny like it's 2010

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One of my favorite events from the Before Times, Witty Women Writers, is going virtual tomorrow night so you can see whether writers Jen Lancaster, Stacey Ballis, Wendy McClure, Amy Guth and I can still be funny virtually without the actual location of the Book Cellar. I hope you tune in. It's free! Just go here to learn how to RSVP.  

Rather than try to be funny and read something "live," I made a short fim with my husband Steve Delahoyde about my tips and tricks when it comes to totally nailing this pandemic. A sneak peek of the film is this trash that we put on the kitchen counter:

IMG_4761.jpgNow, most of this is staged. Some of this garbage is indeed fake (laundry or pillows stuffed into garbage bags) but a lot of it was trash that we had just rounded up from other parts of the house. Our kitchen counter has not been THIS messy during COVID but other parts of our house have, especially the kid-ridden places. Which is why it's hilarious to me that our boys were VERY DISTURBED by all this garbage. "Where did this come from?" and "When are you going to put this back?" and "I don't think this a good idea Mommy!!" and later, "I'm glad you cleaned up that trash." I guess parenting is letting your kids be as disgusting as they want in THEIR space but never yours. Anyway hope you tune in tomorrow to see the whole piece, which is actually the first time I wrote a script and had Steve shoot it--and it was the most fun I've had since, mmm, March?  

Speaking of trying to be funny like in olden times, a few years ago at our show Funny Ha-Ha (on hiatus d/t pandemic) Steve got up onstage and presented a zine he had created with his very good friend, stage and film actor Gary Sinise, called "the Gary Sinise Path to Peace." A few weeks ago Steve and Gary got together, despite the odds, to work on another good book called "Cheer Up, It's Almost Thankgiving." I think it's the perfect way to enjoy Thanksgiving this year despite the looming presence of what Gary calls "the computer virus."  

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