Funny Ha-Ha Friday the 13th is postponed!

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Just in case somebody exclusively gets their Funny Ha-Ha updates through my website:

We are going to postpone tomorrow night's Funny Ha-Ha to Friday, June 12. The news and recommendations are changing so quickly and anxiety is high and thus I made that call out of an abundance of caution (and not wanting people to feel freaked about hanging out in a crowded room.)  

If you already bought a ticket, it will be valid for the June 12 show. If you would like a refund for the show please contact me at and I'll get you sorted
However  indie businesses like the Hideout and nonprofits like  Sit Stay Read  (where we donate our proceeds) are going to hurt from these abundances of caution so I hope you consider just transferring your ticket to another Hideout event if not ours (or even buy tickets to  an upcoming show!), and/or making a tiny donation to  Sit Stay Read, because kids still need to learn how to read.  
Thank you. I apologize for this inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any questions. Stay healthy and sane.