Witty Women Writers *and* Funny Ha-Ha are old like we are

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Wendy.jpgA harbinger of the "let's have cozy fun inside" time of year, the annual Witty Women Writers reading at Chicago's beloved Book Cellar, returns for its thirteenth installment Thursday, November 14. Wendy McClure, Amy Guth, Stacey Ballis and I will come together to read something entertaining and sing a parody song by owner Suzy Takacs and have a drink of wine. It's fun! I get nervous so I tend to read something very short to minimize onstage time. Come on out to beautiful Lincoln Square and get a jump on your holiday shopping.  

And good news for people who love Wendy McClure:

Funny Ha-Ha, Chicago's favorite humor reading series benefitting a dog-oriented childhood literacy program is back! And guess what--I just did the math and the show turned 15 this year and I forgot to mark it. Time flies, kids.  

Funny Ha-Ha: Ride or Die
Friday, December 20, 6:30-8 PM  
The Hideout: 1354 W. Wabansia. Chicago.

Featuring readings and performances by: