Occupations of people I've been assigned to cover

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I ignore the rule that it's rude to ask someone what they do for work because often times it can be something really interesting. Also, unrelated, I think I often come across as pushy as nosy.

Here is a list of some of the most interesting occupations of people I've been assigned to write about:  

Bedbug sniffing dog company owner

Nobel prize winner


SNL cast member

Syndicated advice columnist

Lung cancer doctor

Women's sex doctor

Chicago Cubs nutritionist

TV show costumer

Wine expert

Feminist bookstore owner

Sleep doctor

Pupeteer, balloon artist, lizard guy

Brand marketeting director at Cadillac

Organization expert

Raptor center founder

Syndicated radio show hosts (take your pick)

Rare book collectors

Time travel romance author


Reality show mentor

TV show host  (take your pick)  

Grocery store chain owner

Weather expert  

HIV doctor


Concussion specialist


Paralympic goalball player


Genealogy expert

All this is a big part of why I like my job--I get to be as pushy and nosy as I want to be.

If you read all the way to the end of this blog post then I might as well tell you about some some other projects I have going on: