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Right now I have several projects and events dropping at once which is cool and also a convenient excuse for not blogging for over a month. I think back to when I used to write here five days a week. Nowadays I would resent a blogger I liked for writing five days a week--you expect me to read all that??

But here are the things I have going on this week -- I hope you check at least one of them out.  

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Evil Witches:

Last fall I launched a newsletter for "people who happen to be mothers" -- a real talk type of publication for women with an honest, unsentimental view (most of the time) about family life, with little-to-no guilt about what work, relationships, art, and pleasure continue to mean to you after you start a family. It's meant to be a funny, cathartic, thoughtful read that won't ask that much of you but make you feel seen and maybe learn something too.  

Witches has now moved to a paid subscription model at Substack: if you are a witch, or a fan of witches, please sign up. It's not going to be everybody's cup of tea and that's what's great about it.  

Go See the Principal:


Over a whirlwind few months summer of 2018 I helped Gerry Brooks, an elementary school principal in Kentucky who happens to be a very popular vlogger and public speaker, with his book of helpful and funny essays called  Go See the Principal. I learned a lot working on it as a mom: if you know a teacher, former teacher, admin, or parent, buy them this book!

The Interview Show at the Hideout on Friday, May 3:  

I am reading an essay for this show about being online in the '90's and I am having a hard time not turning it into my actual memoir. I am just going to attach the handy poster here but I hope you come--it'll be a cool show:

I am Ambivilant Toward the 90s_1.jpg