The legend of the easy concert

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I went to the Robyn show at the Aragon last night and I was very nervous about going. Mainly, I have been locked inside my house for the last month and a half so I haven't been around big crowds in awhile and I was out of practice and essentially scared of when bad things happen to big crowds. But also, concerts can be a pain in the butt, between figuring out what time you want to get there and where to stand (it was general admission, no seats), where you'll meet beforehand, if you're going to stand around for the opening acts and deal with the lines for drinks in that case, and so on. I like to go to bed at 9:30 a lot, is what I'm saying.  

I would like to flash back to 2004, a simpler time for the world and for Kanye West. My friend Meghan and I saw his show at the House of Blues and to this day will recall fondly not so much the show, which was fun, but how we snagged two of the like, 12 bar stools at the venue and had good seats for the show and how that made everything infinitely better. Kanye West may go off the rails and I do sincerely worry about his health but we will always have the House of Blues show.  

Anyway last night all the dominoes fell in a similar way. A group of eight of us old people met up for dinner before the show for a nice  unhurried dinner and good cocktails (so we didn't have to shell out $12 for a Bud Lite at the venue). Even though there were 8 of us we all got along (aside from concerts I also dread big parties at restaurants.)   It was like 20 degrees but my friend Nora parked across the street from the theater somehow and we could put our coats in there and not deal with coat check. We got on the floor about 15 minutes before Robyn took the stage. Because we came later we stood near the back and couldn't see that well when she came on but we eventually moved up. It was really hot and sweaty, but it was a fun dancing crowd that wasn't out of control so my rage towards other concertgoers was minimal. At the end of the show I hopped in Nora's car and got a ride to her house a flew blocks away. I hailed a car (away from the concert crowd) and went home. Not only was the show good, better than that, none of the social or logistical things I was dreading turned out be dreadworthy.  

So the moral of the story is that I am young and relevant and live music is my life.