Cleatus, meet Curdis

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A few weeks ago my husband and I went on a small getaway to Wisconsin, where we hit one of our favorite fancy little restaurants, Culver's. The key to a vacation in Wisconsin is to get to feeling fat and lethargic as soon as possible.

While I ate my onion rings, I observed this bit of branding for Culver's cheese curds:

IMG_6228 2.jpeg

First of all, I love this. Curdis the Curd Nerd is just so dumb it works. ::Chef's kiss::

But perhaps part of the reason I feel so warmly towards the Curdis the Curd Nerd is that his name and his general existence reminds me of another favorite corporate mascot of mine: Cleatus the FOX NFL robot.

I don't watch a ton of football but I keep daytime Bears games on in hopes that my children will magically pick up its rules without me having to learn them and then explain them. The landscape of footbll sure has changed a lot since 2011, when I first expressed my curiosity in Cleatus, yet he has remained, despite politics, despite bad press, despite negative outcomes for veteran defensemen.  

Who would have ever thought that by marrying two completely unrelated things--a robot and football--FOX would have created such an enduring figure? Thus I have faith that by marrying two other unrelated things--curds and nerds--Culver's is onto something similar. And if they both have strangely hillbilly-esque names, then even better. Good luck, Curdis. I believe in you.