A new project: Evil Witches

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41945886_10100490788802630_5482959046824689664_o.jpgThis summer I worked on two big projects instead of various and sundry little projects. One big upside is that they both paid pretty well and got me up to and over my salary goals for the year--because I can literally afford a moment to think bigger picture, what I  really  want to do, I decided to give something a shot I've been contemplating for awhile.

I'm launching a newsletter for people who happen to be mothers. (Yes, non-mothers are certainly allowed to sign up).

I've gotten a lot of therapy and even some money writing real talk about parenthood, and the various personal and professional problems that arise when you start a family. But I still don't see myself in most motherhood-driven content hubs because they still seem to push this "it's all worth it in the end!" message that implies that whatever difficulties or negative emotions family life raise for you are somehow negated, because, motherhood.  

So Evil Witches is for moms who feel okay complaining about their mom gig without worrying that it makes it seem like they don't love or care for their kids. For feminist moms married to partners who are not actively bad guys, but who still have a ways to come in terms of being true equal co-parents--even/especially if they don't realize it. For women who have trained for a lot of skills and specialties that have nothing to do with motherhood, who don't want to apologize for those other interests. For moms who may have made some particular parenting choice several years ago (home birth, epidural, breast, bottle, daycare, nanny, babywearing, cosleeping, #babyledweaning) that in no way identify their daily tasks now. For women who own their decisions, and if they don't, they want feedback from straight-talkers who have been there and have nothing to gain from sharing insight except karma.  

Not sure yet where this will end up looking like. It's fun and liberating and a little scary. Worst case scenario this turns out to be a fart in the wind and goes nowhere, but better case scenario, vents will be vented, laughs will be had, information will be shared and witches will feel seen.  

You can sign up for Evil Witches here or follow us on Twitter here. First edition comes out before Halloween, obvs.