Little Pieces of Shit: Collect 'em all now!

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25533167144_35978a365e_b.jpgHey kids! Don't be the last in your group to get in on the hottest toy in town: Little Pieces of Shit!

Little Pieces of Shit are tiny pieces of plastic molded to make various shapes, in different colors.  

What do they do? Nothing! They're Little Pieces of Shit. But you better collect 'em all. Get together with your friends and compare your Little Pieces of Shit. Trade them, move them around, let them drift around to the darkest corners of your house. Little Pieces of Shit! What do they teach you? That there are Little Pieces of Shit that you don't have that other kids do -- so you need them!  

Even though they are worth less than a penny apiece, ask your parents to buy the Little Pieces of Shit carrying case, which you will not use as Litttle Pieces of Shit are designed to be dumped in a pile on the floor and then immediately forgotten until your mom or dad confronts the pile and contemplates throwing all the Little Pieces of Shit in the garbage but then feels bad about how they will just end up in a landfill so just puts the Little Pieces of Shit out of sight, out of mind until next time.

Is there a story behind Little Pieces of Shit? Uhh, sure. Once upon a time there was a kid who didn't have enough Little Pieces of Shit. But then he got more, and he was even happier.

How big are Little Pieces of Shit? Pretty little! Little enough to have no function, but not little enough to be aesthetically pleasing to anyone. Little Pieces of Shit are guaranteed to provide seconds of fun until you lose it and forget it and then it's time to want another Little Piece of Shit.

Little Pieces of Shit are  great  for prying out of your sibling's hand while you both sob!  

Did we mention the Little Pieces of Shit movie? Coming 2018, and then its sequels in 2019 and 2021, featuring the voices of many celebrities you will now judge for being a part of the film!  

 And now you can make your holiday even brighter with our special limited edition Little Pieces of Shit for Christmas -- make sure you get them! They will be littler and shittier than ever!