Achieved: the perfect costume

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IMG_1460.JPGI've talked before about my many Halloween costume fails which I think contributes to my not being a huge Halloween person. However this past weekend I finally got a costume right.

It started when I was getting dressed a few weeks ago and thought about how I wished I had the guts to go wear this pretty silk robe Steve got me many years ago out and about. That made me think "Well what if I just wear it for Halloween?" I could make it a slumber-party type costume. Steve had pink silk pajamas, I had the original bunny slippers from the cover of  An Off Year  and a friend loaned me a cute sleep mask (mine is very huge and not cute, although effective.)  

IMG_1459 2.JPGThe only thing is that the cute slumber party aspect of my idea went down the tubes when on Saturday the high was about 45 degrees. I decided just to roll with it and put on pair of red flannel pajamas (with running tights underneath for warmth), a waffle knit shirt, and instead of my pretty silk robe I put on my spa robe, which is like a towel with sleeves. To round it all out I brought my most serious coffee tumbler with me, filled with a beverage. I was basically what I think I look like every morning at dropoff.  

I stepped outside and felt a little self-conscious until people at Trunk or Treat started telling me they liked my costume. "It's genius!" said a few women in particular and I had to agree. I was comfy, I was warm, I was in costume and my robe has huge pockets for my cell phone and candy. The only downside was that I was going out later and would have to change out of the world's comfiest Halloween costume.

I'm glad that before I leave this planet, I can say that I went to a costume event and actually felt like I got it right. It felt good. Like a pair of pajama pants.