A true life fable: Why you should always show your friends your clothes

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franbootIMG_1335 copy.jpgWhen my high school best friend and I were younger we would do real life version of Youtube haul videos: if our moms had bought us some new duds, we would have each other over and do a little presentation, showing off our new stuff.  

You could have called it peacocking or showboating or being a spoiled brat or whatever but now I know better: it was just good old fashioned common sense.
Here's why:  

A few weeks ago I was at a friend's house and she showed me some cool new black kitten heeled boots she'd gotten. Cut to Tuesday afternoon when Steve and I were walking back from dropping our kid off at school. Lo and behold, I came upon a black boot lying on the sidewalk along Ridge Avenue. It was kitten heeled and looked new. I know Fran often rides her bike to drop her kids off at school, along Ridge. I grabbed the boot and texted Fran a picture of it to see if it was her boot and it was. She sent her husband to come collect her boot and there you go.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS SHOW YOUR FRIENDS YOUR CLOTHES. Because if you drop them on the sidewalk, they might recognize them and bring them back to you.