The company you keep

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20819135_10154803210657411_4358434304398734988_o.jpgThere are some friends I have always liked but then like  more  because of the partners they are with. This probably most applies more to my male friends than my female friends. I'll know a guy and he's a good guy but then he meets a lady (for real: all my gay male friends are coupled and all my lesbian friends are married) and then I think "Wow, So-and-So was able to nab this totally awesome funny smart lady. Good for him." I don't think I necessarily admire my girlfriends more when they choose partners I like -- but it feels really convenient and easy when you can all hang out and not worry about your partner drifting away or feeling left out, or to feel awkward when you're left alone with your friend's partner who you are just fine with but not necessarily buddies with.

We visited friends this past weekend and I think we liked them even more after getting to spend time with their kids. They were just sweet boys who shared their space and their toys and talked to the adults (just enough to not seem weird.) Most importantly they played well with our kids so they mostly left us alone. We all yelled at our kids a tiny bit but overall they were nice kids. So that made us like our friends more -- all this, and they're good parents, too!  

I always laugh about the ideal of the "bad boy" in pop culture because now that I'm a mom of 2 sons I cherish the good boy. Who would ever want a bad boy? Good boys are the best! Especially when they grow up and find good partners.