Because the stars told me to.

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7184224632_63981795c1_o.jpgI'm a tiny bit into astrology--just a little bit. I kinda believe that part of the reason my older kid and I get each other so well, even when we fight, is because we're both fire signs. And sometimes I listen to my horoscope. I've found one that I like in InStyle magazine--Susan Miller, who writes it, really believes in the importance of creativity, motivation, and trying to find life balance (I know, how crazy!) But last month it told me to hold off on making new plans for the rest of the month and I was like "I will!" And this month's horoscope said "Your creativity is high all month, especially on the 9th, so pitch well-conceived concepts."

I did a lot of hustling in the last few months and some of that hustling is coming back to me (and some clients I didn't pitch came out of the woodwork, which I think happens anyway when you start hustling--you're putting your name out there and maybe it's getting passed around.) So when I got a lot of assignments for May I had a bunch of pitches I was getting ready to send but I was worried about sending them out and their getting accepted (hubris!) and my having too much going on.  

So reading this month's horoscope last week was perfect. Instead of worrying, every day, if I should send those pitches while they were hot vs. being overbooked, I saved everything for May 9th. It was a tough day--I had a story due that I had only just finished reporting on, but I'm proud to say I sent eight pitches, most of them after the kids went to bed. That may not be a big deal for some writers but for me it is! I hate pitching. It's so much work. It's applying for a very short-term job. But I gotta do it, because Susan Miller/Mercury and Venus told me to.