A pleasant human interaction in 2017

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It seems like people these days collect tales of human decency (or even better than decency) so the following interaction Friday night made me smile. After Funny Ha-Ha I went to Lucky Platter, one of our favorite restaurants, to pick up some dinner.

"Octavia, you got it?" one of the managers asked the server, and she came up to take my payment for my salad.

"Your name is Octavia?" I said, signing my credit card receipt. "That's a great name."

"Thanks," she said. "I hated it when I was a kid. I wished my name was 'Madison' or something."

"I wished my name was Crystal," I said. I was a child of the '80's.

Octavia went to grab my dinner and returned a few minutes later with a brown paper bag.

"Here you go, Crystal," she said, and handed me the dinner.

"Thanks, Madison," I said.

We smiled. Then I left and went home and ate my dinner.