I am editing a website!

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On the one hand I have been sort of hoping an opportunity like the one I have at SheKnows would someday come my way, and on the other, it is a lot more work than I anticipated.

It's very good work to have an opportunity to learn--there's a lot of standard operating procedure to catch up, people to get to know, futzing around in CMS and in Slack and in Google shared documents.

I am learning a workflow and that some things have to wait. I am also learning more about myself as an editor, and I hope I am fair and encouraging and say what I need to say. It's fun to discover my editorial voice.

All that is to say, I need to let a few things go right now in order to get better bearings. I am sure you will not weep but I will be quite spotty updating here the next couple of weeks. I will do my best but I also would like to be able to drop "update my blog" from my to-do list with a minimum of angst when I need to. At the very least I'll be back Friday, with an interview. Um, have a good week!