All this and I cook, too!

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2926645623_3063bc7a9e_z.jpgI'm watching the third debate and I need to focus on something stupid so let me talk about how the last three nights I scored a dinner hat trick with the guys in the house. I know I always want to hear about what people can actually get their kids to eat (because I'm fun and exciting!) so if you are the same way, these meals all got eaten enough for me to feel satisfied and not mad/disappointed at all.

Monday night:

I wanted to make a family dinner that was something I could prep ahead of time and finish off quickly at home. Steve and I ate a slightly more mature version of this:

  • Smitten Kitchen chicken salad (a reliable, popular recipe; I used storebought rotisserie chicken because I'm very lazy) served to the kids on half of a hamburger bun I put in the toaster
  • Fancy crackers (PS James says "cracker" now and it's so cute. "Ka-kah?")
  • Sliced apple
  • Smitten kitchen broccoli (delicious.)
  • milk

Tuesday night:

So this and Wednesday night were not "family dinners," just what I fed the boys (sometimes I just want to eat dinner later on my own time) but still, they got eaten and it was better than a bag full of candy:

  • Annie's cheese pizza poppers
  • Trader Joe's dehydrated raspberries
  • Baby carrots for Paul; Trader Joe's dehydrated broccoli for James
  • milk

Wednesday night:

  • Gorton's fish sticks
  • Buttered egg noodles with salt and pepper and peas (I could eat this every day)
  • Apple slices
  • milk
  • Starbucks mummy cake pop for Paul because I try to buy his feelings with food.