List: Reasons Brad and Angelina broke up, according to most marriages I know

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All the times Angelina asked Brad to do the dishes and he sniped back that he did do dishes, while she simmered in anger because filling up the pots and letting them "soak" didn't count especially because all their pots were nonstick.

All the times Angelina said "Are you sure you need that?" when Brad went to pour himself one more drink or help himself to seconds on ice cream.

All the times Angelina was a total bitch to Brad when he wasn't feeling well and he just wanted someone to be sweet to him.

All the times Brad threw dirty laundry next to the hamper but didn't go so far as to put it in.

All the times Brad made plans to go out and didn't put the plans on the shared calendar saying that he had told her about them.

All the times Brad asked "How was your day?" and Angelina prattled on and then never asked him how his day was.

All the times Brad said he'd help with the back-to-school paperwork but let it sit around until the night before school started and Angelina started filling it out and he said peevishly I said I'd do that.

All the times the dishwasher stood full of clean dishes that nobody wanted to put away while the sink filled up with new, dirty dishes.

All the times Angelina said "I put away your laundry" in a flat voice while Brad mentally noted that he never asked for validation for all the stuff he did.

All the times Angelina made plans for the family to go out as a group and Brad asked the kids "Do you guys want to go out?" thereby inviting their totally unwelcome opinions and thus eliciting a huge whining fest.

All the times Angelina did 100% of their anniversary plan making.

All the times Angelina went to get herself some milk and found the carton in the fridge with exactly one tablespoon of milk left in it.

All the times Angelina wanted to watch House of Cards but Brad was out and she knew he'd bitch about it if he got home and saw that she'd watched it without him.

All the times Angelina made Brad hang out with her dad but she totally ghosted when his folks came over.

All the times Angelina DID STUFF with the kids while Brad was out and she discovered that on the rare occasions she got a night to herself he just turned on a movie and did stuff on his phone.

Brad's snoring.