Eleven things you do with a child that are way more intimate than kissing him on the lips

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8430094706_a76d75cbac_b.jpgWritten in support of Victoria Beckham (because I also mess up my kids by kissing them on the lips) 

  1. Pulling food out of their mouths
  2. Catching their vomit in your hands
  3. Cleaning up their vomit
  4. Letting them suck on your boob
  5. Cutting their fingernails
  6. Pulling poop out of their butts
  7. Washing their urine soaked sheets
  8. Cleaning poop out of their private parts
  9. Moving their poop out of a small toilet into a larger toilet
  10. Cleaning their poop out from under your own fingernails
  11. Letting them live inside your body