List: Unlicensed characters

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9292742768_59538004a2_b.jpgI'm organizing my kid's fourth birthday party and am contemplating hiring a superhero character to come visit. There were jokes on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt about unlicensed characters but it wasn't until I started looking up these visits that I realized how real a thing it was to re-name characters to avoid lawsuits. Here are some of the names of your classic favorite characters whom you can hire to come to your kid's party based on one company I looked up:

American Hero  / Captain of America

Arabian Princess

Bat Hero

Blake the Pirate

British Nanny

Darth Villain

Doc McFluffins

Explorer Girl

Frozen Kristov

Frozen Princess Ann

Green Torch

Man of Iron

Ollie the Snowman

Playful Turtle Ninja

Ranger Heroes

Snow Queen

Spider Hero


Strawberry Sweetcake

Turtle Ninja