Fresca. Everyone's favorite (even if they don't realize it yet.)

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2281402486_5bc0563332_z.jpgBetween the green beans, pie, and restaurant complaint, this almost turned out to be a food-themed week except for tomorrow's interview, which is as far from food (I hope) as you could get. You'll see what I mean. Anyway. Unlike Tuesday's blog, this is not a sponsored post. I am not against sponsored posts, as long as the thing I'm sponsoring is something I'm okay with (like pie.) But if I could choose my sponsored subjects, I would extol the virtues of Fresca, in hopes of getting more Fresca.

Let's back up. A few months ago I went to a party attended by a lot of old high school friends at an AirBnB that we had rented so that people could spend the night. I got teased a little bit by my friends for being the "mom" of the party because, in addition to prosecco, cookie chips, potato chips and Nutella (all of which are other things I would like to get more of, sponsors!), I made sure we had tons of the following things:

a.) toilet paper (because I'm too old to be at a function where there isn't enough toilet paper.)

b.) paper towels (because this was somebody else's house and I'm too old to be thoughtless about somebody else's property.)

c.) Fresca (because of the reasons I will mention below.)

Let me preface this that if you're one of those people who thinks that diet soda is worse than actual poison, you can be excused now, because you'll pry artificially-sweetened pop from my cold, dead hands. Anyway, moving on. Have you had Fresca? It's f*****g delicious. It's advertised as a "grapefruit-flavored" soda but it's just more of a general light citrus fizz, like a more flavorful Sprite. It's zero calorie and also caffeine-free, so you can party hard (with Fresca) right before bedtime. Moreover, it's the perfect beverage for when you need a time out from drinking more serious beverages but aren't quite ready to call it a night with a glass of water. It satisfies thirst, it cleanses an overly-stimulated palate, and it calms the stomach (so I think, anyway.)

So what do you think happened at the AirBnB party? After several hours of drinking and eating junky food and doing other stuff, people were psyched for the Fresca. With that Fresca, they were able to take a step back, hydrate a tiny bit, and keep on partying harder. This happened a few weekends ago, as well, when I had friends over for the Super Bowl and we all basically ate a loaf of bread and drank a six-pack of beer each. What were we drinking at the end of the night? You guessed it.

So the next time you're invited to a party, bring all the stuff you normally want to bring. But be a hero and bring some Fresca, too. Toilet paper is optional.