How I got my first clip in Runner's World

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FullSizeRender 5 copy 3.jpgIt makes sense I guess that two of my biggest magazine clips so far have been to magazines I subscribe to -- after all I know them pretty well after reading them for years. I have always wanted to write for Runner's World because I think they do a great job of speaking both to elite athletes and to people like me. Also I've always wanted to write a story about what to do, as a runner, AFTER you've messed up your skin. I don't know if you've ever run in a sports bra that chafed the skin off your shoulders and beneath your chest and then stepped into a hot shower but IT IS NOT FUN. I wanted to do a piece about what to do, as a runner, if you weren't smart enough to prevent. 

I'm friends with a local writer who contributes regularly to RW, so after I had my skin idea I asked her whom I should pitch over there. She very kindly shared an editor's name and I sent my pitch over. I heard back right away from the editor and she told me to sit tight as they waited on some stuff at the magazine (this seems pretty typical.) She gave me that update a few times (which was kind of her to do--usually it's freelancers chasing editors down for updates.) Then I got the go on the piece, which was pretty simple to do. I found some dermatologists who specialize in athletes (and who are athletes themselves) and here you go. I did one round of edits. I sent the original pitch in March and now it's August, which I think is pretty speedy!

Anyway, it's been a slow summer work wise (although just starting to pick up) so I'm grateful to have evidence in my hands that sometimes this stuff comes easy and fun.