Radio sweethearts

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the-worst-6-20-17.jpgMy friend Erica and I were on our pal Justin Kaufmann's WGN-Radio show last night playing "The Worst," where we talk about things that are the worst. It's really fun. Erica will be in Funny Ha-Ha Friday night; Justin has done my show several times before and he and I are currently working another upcoming live lit event. I have been feeling mopey about not being busy with work lately but getting to go on the radio and joke around on the air with two talented and funny collaborator/friends of mine is also a pretty good deal. 

You can listen to us here.

By the way I mentioned something Paul said on air and I thought it was pretty cool when I played it for him this morning. He was completely unimpressed. He thinks it's cooler when I make that mouth sound from the song "Lollipop."