Check out Amy Krouse Rosenthal's "On the Spot"

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51HkkOruMsL.jpgAs you may know our friend and colleague Amy Krouse Rosenthal passed away earlier this year. I knew that she was in hospice for maybe a month or two prior to that so it surprised me, but maybe it didn't really, to receive a galley from her even though her time left on earth was limited. She was a hard working lady up until the last moment. 

Her newest project, which came out last week, is a cute kids' book called On The Spot which is sort of like visual mad libs. The book comes with stickers, or you can just round up a handful of small objects (the weirder the better: for some reason we have a tiny rubber pig in our house that's about the size of a grape, for instance). Drop them on the page at the prompts and read the story aloud. 

Teaching kids how to tell stories is important for their development, but blah blah blah. There are tons of things that are great for kids that they don't want to do. The real endorsement for On the Spot is that my 4 year old thought it was a riot, and that's all you really need to know.